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I am so excited to announce the launch of my very own Patreon! This dope little platform will allow folks to support me directly and get access to exclusive content. I'll be creating weekly updates, news round-ups and some incredible interviews with Black Women Organizers - all for my Patrons.

In addition, for early Patrons there are some great rewards including Twitter shoutouts, stickers and t-shirts to choose from. Visit https://www.patreon.com/LeslieMacLifestyle and click the Become a Patron button to join the Leslie Mac crew!

Safety Pin Box announcement - Leslie Mac

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It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the dissolution of Safety Pin Box (SPB) and the business partnership between Marissa Jenae Johnson and me.

For 18 months, SPB has operated as a entity with purpose—the most significant of which was to give back to Black Women.  Our little box sparked many a conversation about monetary support for organizers on the front lines doing the hard work of building a better world.

I remain committed to doing this work and supporting Black women, above all else. Unfortunately, being involved with SPB is no longer a positive or safe way for me to do that due to both personal and professional irreconcilable differences between Marissa and me.

While this experience has shaken me to my core as an organizer who has continually put her trust in Black Women, I am still immensely proud of the work SPB has done over the last year and a half. I will always have pride in the fact that we were able to move over $250K from our subscribers directly into the hands of Black Women.

I agonized over how to best handle this situation. It can be difficult to do as someone with the amount of “reach” and visibility that I have, but I have resolved that, ultimately, my peace and emotional well-being is more important than the potential fallout.

Again, I express my deepest regrets, but I feel that we are left with no choice but to let go of Safety Pin Box and Black Women Being.

And, I assure you, my work is not done. There is much more to come. I remain a Lead Organizer with Black Lives of UU and will continue to facilitate workshops around the country with the goal of helping institutions dismantle white supremacy from within. I am still committed to being an advocate and voice for the unique needs and experiences of Black Women.

Feel free to continue along this journey with me by following me on Twitter and join my mailing list for updates: http://www.lesliemac.com/mailinglist.