Facebook LIVE is a great tool to reach your target audience, share information and build a brand. Below are some general best practices to keep in mind for a successful FB Live Broadcast.

Before you go LIVE

  • Ensure you have a hashtag for your FB LIVE - use it on all posts related to the broadcast

  • Create a promo images with photo, topic, hashtag, date & time (you must note Timezone)

    • If this will be a repeating event, ensure the images say “Every Mon at 10pm ET”

  • Share across social media platforms

    • include your facebook.com/URL

    • the hashtag for the event/broadcast

    • The date/time

    • General topic(s)

  • Create an event page where you can post relevant links, reminders etc

    • invite your followers and friends to RSVP for the event

  • Record a short “promo” video (using FB Live) that you can use to promote the next weeks show

    • no longer than 1 min 30 sec

    • tell viewers to opt-in for “Live Notifications” so they will be notified when you go live

    • Direct them to the FB Event Page to RSVP

  • Plan your broadcast in segments

    • Map out the time you want to spend on air & assign timing goals for each topic

    • Viewer engagement data suggests a 20 min FB Live is the ideal length.


During the Broadcast

  • In the FB Live description - include

    • links to anything you plan on sharing during the live

    • details on how to ask questions during the broadcast

    • your Hashtag & the specific topic of the broadcast

  • Once you go live - share the feed as people are starting to join

    • on the event page (if applicable)

    • in any groups you think would be interested

    • on any pages you manage.

  • Welcome everyone & start with some basic housekeeping announcement

    • Write these out so you can get through them quickly

    • Rules for the space - what is allowed & what isn’t

    • Give a brief outline of topics you plan on covering

    • Remind them how they can ask questions (if applicable)

    • Remind them to use the HT and to share on their pages right now!

    • Let them know how long you expect the broadcast to be

  • Open by answering any questions/feedback remaining from the previous broadcast.

  • Before you close - let people know how they can provide feedback & ask questions after the live broadcast is over.

  • Announce the next date & topic before you sign off

  • Respond to comments in natural flow

    • you don’t need to repeat their exact comment, folks watching can see it, keep it conversational - “Oh Jessie, I had that some issue when Lisa was doing XYZ” vs “Jessie is saying….”

After the Broadcast

  • Download the recording & upload to your YouTube channel - this will make it easier to share the content on Twitter, IG etc.

  • If you have a way for people to ask questions post broadcast - include that in the video description on both FB & YT.

  • Rewatch your live to see if any portions could be pulled out to create a short “recap” type video to post on social media before your next broadcast.

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