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  • At @EmmaWillard  I was taught to value the safety of young women - Let's push for change TOGETHER! #IStandWithKat

  • I know the amazing things @EmmaWillard has done for young women - it's time for her to do it again. #IStandWithKat

  • Read our 12 recommendations on how to make @EmmaWillard  the safe place it SHOULD be for young women. #IStandWithKat

  • 800+ @EmmaWillard  Alumna came together to demand change -read our proposals to create change


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  • As an Emma Willard Alumna - I am moved by this collaborative Emma Woman effort to push for real & lasting change at our beloved school. Join us by signing this letter urging specific action on the part of the administration & board to ensure not one more Emma Girl is harmed & left alone. #IStandWithKat #WhatWouldEmmaWillardDo

  • If you love Emma Willard like I do - you must sign this letter written in collaboration with hundreds of Emma Women to call for SPECIFIC change at our beloved school. We must stand together to ensure this never happens again. #IStandWithKat #WhatWouldEmmaWillardDo

  • Our founder Emma Hart Willard once said "...minds, like lovely buds, are beginning to open. Where shall he find a genial soil in which he may place them to expand?"  - Right now the soil she created to expand the minds of young women is in need of our help. Please read & sign this letter urging specific action from the Emma Willard School Administration & Board to address issues of sexual assault on campus. This cannot wait.

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