Allies in Action Anti-Racism Bootcamp 

This 3-night, 4 day bootcamp in the Highlands of North Carolina is designed to help white people looking to be effective allies to marginalized communities:

  • get clear about that work they need to do

  • connect with other white people committed to anti-oppression work

  • develop a personal and collective anti-racism action plan

  • learn directly from Black Women & non-men organizers

In addition, every seat at the Allies in Action Anti-Racism Bootcamp covers the cost of a Black Woman organizer to attend a Summer 2019 Healing Retreat free of charge.


Allies in Action Bootcamp - March 2019 DEPOSIT

$2,000 TOTAL COST Includes:

  • Double Occupancy Rooms at The Mountain Retreat Center

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner each day

  • 6 Hands on Workshops

  • Daily Bonding activity

  • Small Group Work

  • Pre Bootcamp Reading Book - How To Be Less Stupid About Race - by Crystal M Fleming

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About Leslie Mac

A Brooklyn born & raised activist and a first generation American Leslie works every day to lift up the voices & experiences of those most effected by racial injustice and white supremacy.

After organizing the NMOS14 vigil in Philadelphia, she created the Ferguson Response tumblr to connect nationwide efforts supporting the important racial justice movement started in Ferguson, MO. She has since expanded the Ferguson Response Network to provide additional support for organizers working to create lasting social change through sustained civil disobedience, civic action and grassroots community work focused primarily on Black Women & non-men. 

In 2016 she created Safety Pin Box, a monthly subscription service for white people striving to be better allies in the fight for Black Liberation running operations for the company through is dissolution in 2018. Her experiences with Safety Pin Box allowed unique insight into the depth of work white people need to do in times like these.

She firmly believes building an army of well informed, effective and capable white anti-racists is critical in this time. The Allies in Action Bootcamp is the beginning of building that army under her directly and that of other Black Women & non-men organizers.

Leslie speaks nationally about connecting social media to social justice and facilitating movement building discussions and specialize in helping individuals, organizations, groups and congregations who are working to dismantle white supremacy within their institutions, culture, policies and procedures.